Best Foot Care Pedicure Metal Surface Tool to Remove Hard Skin.

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The perfect solution for dry, callused and cracked heels, easily creating soft, fancy feet
Large, lightweight design lets you work easily and provides fast and amazing smoothness
Provides equally good results on dry and wet foot surfaces, allowing users to work to their preference and satisfaction
For best results, use gently according to the manufacturer’s instructions

1 review for Best Foot Care Pedicure Metal Surface Tool to Remove Hard Skin.

  1. joe

    I have fairly horrible feet; it’s a family trait to have dry, cracked heels and heavy calluses on big toes and the ball of each foot, mostly because we all go barefoot a lot (native Floridians, what can I say.) Cracked heels *hurt.* So I saw this and decided to try it. My heels and the other calluses on my feet are now in better shape than they’ve been in since I was in my teens; I carefully rasped them down (it didn’t hurt a bit) and then used foam sanding-blocks afterward to smooth the skin, finishing with some Burt’s Bees body cream. They don’t actively hurt, for the first time in years; it truly is an amazing change, and a wonderful relief. Damn good tool, easily worth three times what I paid for it.

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